How I Conquered My Crohns And Irritable Bowel

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Since my Crohns and irritable bowel condition did not abate after surgery, even with prescribed medications, I decided to begin researching the literature regarding the etiology and various treatments for Crohns and irritable bowel conditions. Having a Master of Science degree and having graduated with
honors, I developed pretty good research skills. I found a variety of theories regarding the causes of Crohns, including an auto-immune disorder, among others, and concluded that the causes are largely unknown and there was apparently no known cure. It appears, from what I had researched…


Supplement Regimen

I determined my regimen by researching the physiological effects of each supplement and also by trial and error of each supplement and of the combined effects of all of the supplements taken together. Over time, I added or deleted certain supplements until I eventually found the ideal combination which reduced or eliminated my Crohns symptoms. The over the counter vitamins and supplements I now take daily are as follows…


Dietary Changes

I began researching the literature on foods, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements and how each affect the body. I was amazed at the availability of all of the scientific data and anecdotal testimony, which was available, especially the additives in our food products. We have long been bombarded with an overabundance of information to a point of saturation that we have become desensitized and pay little or no attention at all to any of it. I structured a new diet for myself based upon the conclusions from all of my research and personal experience and have adopted the following new diet for myself…



I have researched and experimented with the efficacy of many over the counter supplements and diet, together with certain life style changes, and have concluded that the regimen that I have now chosen for myself has produced dramatic results for me in dealing with the symptoms of my Crohns disease. I do not know if any single one of the supplements that I have chosen for myself or the dietary and lifestyle changes are responsible for eliminating all of my Crohns symptoms for nearly 15 years or not. I assume it is probably the combination of all of the components of my regimen acting in concert with one another in a complimentary, and synergistic manner, which have been responsible for eliminating all of my Crohns symptoms.

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