My Success

Dealing With Crohns Disease

I have researched and experimented with
of many over the counter
and diet, together
with certain life style changes, and have concluded that the regimen that I have now chosen for myself has produced dramatic results for me in dealing with the symptoms of my Crohns disease. The combination of all of the components of my regimen acting in concert with one another in a complimentary, and synergistic manner, has eliminated all of my Crohns symptoms.

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Extensive Research

I begin researching the literature regarding the etiology and various treatments for Crohns and irritable bowel conditions. Having a Master of Science degree and having graduated with honors, I found that Crohns and irritable bowel are mainly treated symptomatically, and their etiology could have multiple contributing factors.

Vitamin List

I determined my supplements through research and also by trial and error of each supplement and of the combined effects of all of the supplements taken together. Over time, I fine tuned certain supplements until I eventually found the ideal combination. In the book you will find my complete list of supplements, including dosage quantity and routine.

Dietary Regimen

I structured a new diet for myself based upon all of the scientific data and anecdotal testimony, especially the additives in our food products. The conclusions from all of my research and personal experience and have adopted an entirely new diet for myself, which I share in great detail.

James Mietchen

Hospital Corpsman - Masters Degree in Science

I've worked in multiple wards under various doctors during my time as a Hospital Corpsman, working in Naval hospitals. After serving, I acquired a Master's degree in Science. I've suffered with irritable bowel and Crohns disease for much of my life and I finally found relief in 2005 after working out a specific dietary regimen and supplements list. After 15 years, largely symptom free, I decided to write a book and share my experience. It is my hope that anyone suffering from Crohns disease or irritable bowel can benefit from my experience.